Mendelssohn’s Eye

Since waking that Sunday, April had been in a tizzy, anxious to reveal her creativity to her husband Jeff. She’d have snapped the laggard from his snores but, having found the bed empty, she’d hurried to the kitchen. She was crestfallen to discover that the room was deserted. Her suspicions that Jeff had ducked down … Continue reading

Breaking Up

After running through a gamut of emotions—anxiety, guilt, and regret—Athena’s reaction to her decision had impaled Sheila with terror. She’d read of men—and to be fair, also of women—who were so enraged when a spouse or lover left them that they became violent, which is where things seemed to be heading. Safe in her cozy … Continue reading

Dudes in the Dell

On finally digesting the transforming word “gig” over the din of the pub noise, the friends sailed above the deflating grumbles of wives and bosses into a sunny future. Only on considering task number 7, did they detect the sound of a their hot air balloon hissing. Before that, expectations were high… “We’ve got a … Continue reading

A Tasty Morsel

Linda was determined to prevent her adversary from storming the castle but too cowardly to pull the plug. Hours earlier, she had sailed down the hospital corridor, a roast beef sandwich and a coffee in hand, and a mystery novel under her arm. The sight of a bony priest black as a crow crouched by … Continue reading

The Old Farm

We never went down the same road twice, those Sundays, when we searched for The Old Farm. But whatever direction we headed, the final destination was always dirt — a dusty, July road with scratchy, yellow, grass-filled fields on either side. And on those interminable summer Sundays, we never discussed our destination. Our parents, silent … Continue reading

Just Rewards

“Come, quickly,” urged Jane Simmons breathlessly. “You’ll miss the punchline. It’s riveting.” I doubted that. Edgar’s stories were not palatable let alone riveting. Insidious little creep that he was, “Blackhead” told macabre stories, violent stories, and stories decaying with double entendre, but delicious stories? Never. Edgar, the worm in question, lifted his weasel eyes towards … Continue reading


I knew my door was locked; I’d heard the click. While my custodians sometimes ignore my dietary preferences, they are vigilant about securing the exits. If I escaped, which I was determined to do, I’d be pursued like the brown fox, although, unlike the fox, not these days, quick. Now that their charge was incarcerated … Continue reading

Chalk and Cheese

Hidden under her ratty brown blanket, the blinds closed, the doors double locked, no TV, no radio, Thimble’s last link was her phone and off it went. It had to be her twin sister Station. Who else was there? She had disposed of all the nuisance calls and long since dissuaded friends from contacting her. … Continue reading

Robert’s Rules

In the fresh morning light as she doodled on the hotel notepad, drawing and re-drawing the Chairman’s small, ferret like teeth, Kate still felt change was possible. If she could keep her cool and follow her carefully calculated strategy, her colleagues would rally and insist the problems be addressed. As the day progressed, her optimism … Continue reading


When the Bellybob town council announced the Most Outrageous Cat contest Tania’s friends knew that Slicker-Down was a shoe-in for the $1,000 prize. Tania, however, was adamant that her cat would not compete. “I don’t want Slicker-Down exploited,” she said. “If his antics are on the Internet he might get kidnapped.” Her friend Dolly erupted … Continue reading