Wait for me

So many emotions rattled around Leslie’s brain—disappointment, irritation, and rejection—it was impossible to sleep. The problem was not a strange bed. Her sister had lived in the apartment  for  years and Leslie had visited and stayed the night—albeit reluctantly—more than once.  However, on other occasions Leslie hadn’t been ripped out of her midnight musings by … Continue reading

The Usual Skeptics

“Before we were asked to choose months, we never fought,” Maggie said, pummeling the bread dough and whipping it around to give the other side a whack. “Bullshit,” her husband replied. He grabbed the newspaper in an attempt to exit the ring before the bell for the third round. In their years together, after a … Continue reading

Breaking Up

After running through a gamut of emotions—anxiety, guilt, and regret—Athena’s reaction to her decision had impaled Sheila with terror. She’d read of men—and to be fair, also of women—who were so enraged when a spouse or lover left them that they became violent, which is where things seemed to be heading. Safe in her cozy … Continue reading

Right Time, Right Place

The room was square. Six sat, two against each of three walls. Quentin sat facing the fourth blank wall in the middle of the room, hands on her lap. There was a long pause and then the meeting began. “Quentin,” said a loud voice immediately behind her. “I believe that you have long suspected that … Continue reading

The Boy

When the house key clicked in the lock, Diane hesitated. With Tom’s departure, she had hoped that the house would be empty of both the quick and the dead. No such luck. Instead of the reassuring sight of the cluttered hallway, the long corridor appeared distended, as if viewed through the wrong end of binoculars. … Continue reading

Nobody There

Quentin had been warned that the laboratory behind the grove of ornamental trees contained ghastly biological specimens that could do ‘immeasurable harm.’ When she indicated that she could not understand the word “harm,” her Before-Me had rocked slowly and become smiling. “In that you are a fortunate creature of the earth,” it murmured. “Some of … Continue reading