The Old Farm

We never went down the same road twice, those Sundays, when we searched for The Old Farm. But whatever direction we headed, the final destination was always dirt — a dusty, July road with scratchy, yellow, grass-filled fields on either side. And on those interminable summer Sundays, we never discussed our destination. Our parents, silent … Continue reading

Phoenix Rises

Tomorrow would be the “new start day” Kevin promised himself. But where to start? The mid-term essay was due at 9 the next morning; as yet his efforts were a clutter of disjointed paragraphs and midnight false starts. Drifting along, brushing past other straggling students, Kevin kicked at the papers tumbling across the campus quad … Continue reading


According to the newspaper, you placed your shoes and handbag neatly near the railing. Was that your final insistence on order in a chaotic world? They contorted your life into a shape they recognized: a thirty-second clip of surfaces. In better times, you would have been a poet. In our time, you were a prophet. … Continue reading