Robert’s Rules

In the fresh morning light as she doodled on the hotel notepad, drawing and re-drawing the Chairman’s small, ferret like teeth, Kate still felt change was possible. If she could keep her cool and follow her carefully calculated strategy, her colleagues would rally and insist the problems be addressed. As the day progressed, her optimism … Continue reading


“What happened today?” Carol chirped, dreading the response. “More tests,” her waif mother confessed, a bleak smile fluttering along her blistered lips, “I don’t know what’s left to test.” Carol knew they’d think of something; their imagination, if not their skill, was infinite. “Side effects?” the younger woman asked reluctantly. “Nausea.” Carol focused her eyes … Continue reading

No Free Agent

The ferocious beast leaps, smashing Adam to the ground. The stiletto claws pierce his flesh. He agonizes to resist, clutching at the rhythm of his erratic breath to withstand the pain. Like his namesake, Adam Keister is cursed with knowledge. He suffers the future as well as the past. And it is the future he … Continue reading